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Conference Papers
Only original, high quality papers will be published in Conference Materials. Full papers submitted to the XX PCBBE will be thoroughly reviewed by Programme Committee members and recommended to publish only if strictly complying with editorial rules. We are currently striving to publish the full papers in Springer Verlag Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing series. Papers accepted to this publication will also have their abstract published in conference Abstract Book.

Instructions on how to prepare a well-formatted manuscript are available here.

  1. The initial submission of the full paper has to include only a resulting PDF file suitable for reviewing, while the final submission requires all source files (TeX, graphics, etc.). Although strict conformance to the format is not required for initial submission, organizers suggest working in TeX environment from the beginning as it saves time at the correction stage.
  2. Submission of Springer Copyright Transfer Form will be required along with the final version of paper.
  3. In case of acceptance of the full paper the abstract will automatically be published in the abstract book available at the conference. Authors of rejected papers are welcome to submit their abstracts by the abstract dealine and pay 'abstract' conference fee. Please note that abstracts of rejected papers will not automatically be included in the abstract book.
  4. Each 'full paper' conference fee includes publication of a single paper. Please be informed that reception of the payment is strictly required prior to final decision of the Scientific Committee on the content of proccedings book.
  5. Organizers discourage a single person to be corresponding author of more than one paper. In such exceptional cases a suplementary payment of PLN 550 will be required by the deadline.

Final submission of accepted proceedings paper
For a final submission of accepted proceedings paper please prepare all your files and compress them to a single archive named after your paper number (eg. including:

  1. source files (*.tex + image files) and resulting PDF file of your manuscript for submission,

  2. scanned Consent to Publish form with Corresponding Author signature, the form is available at: Consent_to_Publish.pdf

  3. file with the list of improvements and corrections, according to the reviewer comments. The template is available at list_of_improvements.docx .

  4. a file (Word or scanned) with filled 'Participant Options' form (available at: participant_options.docx ).

IMPORTANT! Please change the extension of your *.zip file to *.pdf otherwise the Easy Chair system will not allow you to upload the final paper.

When you are ready, please log in to Easy Chair at as an author, click on 'information' right to your paper title and then select 'Update file' to submit the final version. Final papers MUST be submitted by May 31, 2017. Any papers submitted after this date will not be included in the proceedings.


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